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Chi-Chi is great character. Visit "About" to read what Chi-Chi is made from.
Old floppy becomes a puppy with a bit of Ghost Rider inspired look. It banishes demons as well.
А creature from another world, metal at daytime, shining at night and turning into a pumpkin at midnight.
Frozen flames or Sand worms from the Dune planet it's up to your imagination. But they breed pretty quickly mind.
It’s soft, looks metal and possesses unexpected ability to shine.
Yet another chain creature.
Take it as a response to the bearded trends of the society… or inspiration for that matter.
Hookah, Narguile or what ever you call it. Smoke it, share it, leave it!
Well its quite self-explanatory.

Welcome to the clash revivals gallery.

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This web gallery is designed to present the clash revivals artwork.

What are clash revivals?

My art makes use of different stuff laying around asking to be thrown away. But all of them can have a new life as something else. Not just an art per se. There are many people doing it that way. My goal is to give them new purpose in life, mainly but not limited to interior design elements. That’s why the things I do are called revivals. As for the clash, apart from quite a few possible metaphorical concepts, Chi-Chi wall lamp combines car engine starter parts, stainless steel door lock striker plate, two pieces of bed beach wood lamellas and dozen dashboard light bulbs.

Do I have to give you more reasons why?

Well, the truth is after all, it’s just an anagram!

Vassil Ralchev

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